• The conditions in the camps 2 - July 2005

    In other words, the concentration camp was complete dehumanisation. I’ll explain: we had no towels, no soap, no shoes, no toothbrushes, and no forks because we didn’t eat anything with a fork. All our wealth was a spoon that we bought from people who hadn’t been arrested, but had been gassed. So by going down (...) those who were coming with something (...) it was all collected together. So we practically had nothing.
    And what we had on our feet, for some it was shoes, or else galoshes or (...)

  • The conditions in the camps 1 - July 2005

    The conditions in the camps
    I especially want to talk about the concentration camps. I want to remember and explain a couple of small things. The concentration camps were a place of dehumanisation. When a young girl, when a man arrived, the first thing they did was cut off their hair. I’ll take the young girls as an example because the majority of them were girls there. It was terrible, they would cut off the hair of the girls, the young girls. They would shave them completely, and then (...)