• A little story - March 2005

    This photo shows two children.These children are apparently lost,alone without family.Indeed the scene takes place in the second world war,during the blitz.
    There was a bomb attack on their town,so they had to take refuge in a shelter,but infortunately, their father died.That’s why they are now in a train station to leave this dangerous town.Their mother prefered to know where they were going but they hoped that it would be better.The younger has taken his teddy bear,just one thing to think (...)

  • children at war - Mars 2005

    The children of the photograph seem to be sad and lost as if they had been abondoned in this train station,alone in this unknown place.
    However we have the impression that they don’t really know what ’s happening because they don’t seem frightened, they remain cold and impassive facing the situation. They fix the horizon to see what is awaiting them.They have to cope on their own but they know that they can count on each other, they seem very close, inseparable. They worry for their (...)

  • Eden Camp - Mars 2005

    We could see in Eden Camp that they used propaganda in the drawing to make people have the same idea about Jews,they used a woman(jane)to make the soldiers happy.
    Jane was like a symbol.During the bombing in England all the children had to leave and to keep a gas mask with them.The black market began because lots of people wanted more,and need more food,or things they needed to live.
    Lots of people took refuge in the underground, to escape the bomb.during the war lots of women had to (...)

  • Imperial War Museum and Eden Camp - Mars 2005

    When I went to the Imperial War Museum I saw another side of the Second World War. Before , I didn’t know how the English people lived during the war and how they reacted to the bomb attacks. Now thanks to a recontruction of the Blitz I know how to explain their life because we felt like them during alerts.
    Then we saw a shelter (a small one, just for 2 people) and soldiers’ weapons. This museum shows differents aspects of the war, for example it explains the secret war and the propaganda. (...)

  • children’s life - Mars 2005

    In the second photo,we can see two children, a boy and a little girl (may be they are brother and sister).
    The scene takes place in the morning and during the winter, that’s why they are wearing many clothes ( a balaclava for the boy and a hood for the girl).Indeed the scene takes place during WW2 and the boy may be looking for his parents in the rambles. After that the boy and his sister arrived in the train station with many children for the evacuation where a man gave them a label because (...)

  • The Imperial War Museum and Eden Camp - Mars 2005

    On Sunday 31st of January, we went to the Imperial War Museum in London, and some days later, we went to Eden Camp. I learnt about the war, and I think that it was a horrific experience for everybody who lived during this period. There were so many people who were killed because of Hitler’s policy . In my opinion, Hitler’s ideas about Jewish people were horrible, it was not human, he wanted to exterminate all the Jews and so he created concentration camps. His ideas and his politics were not (...)

  • Children’s story - Mars 2005

    During the Blitz, the two children had to leave their house in order to go into the underground. Their parents were blacksmiths, so they didn’t have enough money to leave the country. Then, the two children were alone because their mother was killed during the attack anr their father went to the war.
    Now, the children tried to find something where they could go. They hoped to be safe in the train station.
    But they were cold, very tired, they walked for two days without eating a lot and (...)

  • The Imperial War Museum (London) - Mars 2005

    In the museum we stayed only forty-five minutes !!
    There were equipments, which showed what the soldiers wore. We saw films, which showed the horrible aspects of the war. There were the identity cards of some soldiers.
    We saw many pictures of a family in a room but we don t know who they were, the representation of the means of transport of the Second World War as for example of the fighters and the tanks, they are very well reproduced and for some restored
    We could notice how the (...)

  • The imperial war museum - Mars 2005

    We think that the museum represented the war well.We saw the bombs which destroyed London and the inside of a war tank.Also there were English and Germans planes.
    We learnt more about the Blitz.There was a room with the sound of the bombs.It felt like we were really there and it was very dark which was scary.We were sitting on a chair, which moved.
    It was very interesting and very impressionable, but we didn’t have enough time to visit it all and appreciate (...)

  • Eden Camp - Février 2005

    Eden Camp was a prisoner- of- war camp, but now in each hut there is a bit of the life in England during the war. For instance, in one of huts we saw how and what women did during the war, what happened during the Blitzat the time when England was bombed.
    In some huts, there are reconstructions of English life during the war. It was very impressive because the noise of bombs is really frightenning and dreadful.
    What’s more, during the black out, it was horrible because people lived in (...)

  • The Imperial War Museum - Février 2005

    Iwent to the Imperial War Museum which deals with World War II in London.
    When I was there, I saw how English people defended their country against Germany’s attacks. I think it was very courageous.
    In the museum, I saw some very big cannons, they were very enormous and impressive. I think it was a good idea to go to shelters to protect the people during the Blitz. What’s more, World War II killed a lot of civilians whereas normally it was just the soldiers who had to fight against the (...)

  • Visit to the imperial war museum - Février 2005

    I think it’s a good museum but I also think we didn’t have enough time to visit it . I only saw two things.
    The trenches : we were like the soldiers during the First World War. It was very realistic. It was really smelly and it stank. We saw that their living conditions were really difficult.
    The Blitz experience : we were in a bomb shelter during an air-raid. In 1941 German bombers bombed London every night. this period of time was called the Blitz. After the air-raid, we left the (...)

  • My visit to the Imperial War Museum - Février 2005

    We went to the Imperial War Museum. It’s very big and we only had a little time to look around so even though there were three floors we only visited one of them.
    On the ground floor there were a lot of different pieces about the First World War, the life in tranches, and other such things. It was illustrated by a lot of costumes, uniforms and objects too, like tanks,things the soldiers ate, their survival gear, etc... There were also pictures and movies to portray life at war more (...)