Published 8 June 2006
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Conditions in the prison

So we believed that, but we were brought to the prison in Chalon sur Marne which is now called Chalon en Champagne. There it is a cellular prison, which means that normally the people should be separated; one per cell, but as the prison was already too small we were placed four per cell which meant there was scarcely room to live because its better to be 50 in a big room than four in a small space where it was painful to move. I had photos of elsewhere that were taken secretly in the cell and it must require an enormous force of character to be able to live 24 hours a day locked up in a little box like that.

So, we would continue to share, obviously, all that we received, then that certain people would have all their famoly arrested and would not be able to receive anything from the outside and that the rationing in prison; was not anything great, at that moment we would make a decision; it is that when one off us could not cope, we could not really support the others.
She would lie on her bed because there were four beds pushed together in the room. She made her bed, she turned towards the wall and there we left her alone. We did not talk to her, we did not intervene, nothing at all. We did not console her; nothing.

We left her to calm and then to replenish her courage after, to join the others.
And that, that was the moment, most boring to live; four in a little room.

Next, the situation started to aggrevate because we were there at the start, 44 in a period when there were things to specify and where the departure would take place.
Our prison had a relationship with the Minister of the Interior, who was run by Darnon, who was an SS Officer, at the same time as us. We would have the new ones that passed at the side of the men’s prison because there, they should have had place for about 20 women and we were found at 70/80 and in the men’s they were found at 700, coming from all the prisons in France because the Germans, felt it was time to depart and did not want to throw them behind them; the people who were fighting, who were having a certain experience of the resistance and who could do alot of harm to their armies.