Publié : 6 juillet 2006
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The Shoah Memorial in Paris

When we arrived at the Mémorial de la Shoah in Paris, I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect ; some memorial museums, although very informative, don’t manage to portray a real view of what it was like during that period, but this one did.

It started on the outside of the museum, where you could see a monument listing all the concentration camps used in WW2 ; along side this were walls with lists of names of all the French people who’d been deported during the war.

On the inside of the museum, the memorial itself came before the museum side of things, which I think made it more effective. It was situated underground, and had been designed specifically to represent many different aspects of the holocaust as a whole. I think the planning, time and effort that went into the memorial shows that people aren’t ready to forget about it all yet.

The museum which followed really put things into perspective ; there were loads of accounts, facts, figures and details which made the whole thing more like the actual event that it was, rather than a distant memory of a previous generation.