Published 26 April 2006
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The "Front National" and organisation of the resistance.

So I did this job and here in this book is a photo of one of the newspapers that you will see soon when you pass the table that I printed myself and then tried to widen our movement in Dieppe and the region, this was called the "Front National" but it is not the Front National of Le Pen at the moment , it was the "Front National" for the freedom of France and we called for all the people who wanted to take part in the resistance to join those, us, who were already a little group but of course it was at the very beginning and we were extremely spread out and we couldn’t have nore than five or six people who were in agreement.
It was also necessary to know the smallest amount of people possible because when you were arrested you mustn’t turn someone in so when you don’t know the name of anyone and you don’t know where they live you can’t turn them in, therefore it was better to be ignorant or to be unaware of the most people possible yet you had the right to know three people, I knew a lot more of them and was therefore in danger. It must be said that for people like me it wasn’t usual to live in this way, as we were brought up to respect the law and to have a transparent life and not do anything forbidden or illegal.
So I continued to make these papers and tracts at the end of the school year and the philosophy teacher Mr. Valentin Feldman was Jewish and for this reason he was driven out of the teaching profession and they threw him out therefore he was no longer a teacher and he came to me and said "I have to leave", so he got involved in a combat unit that is to say that at this moment the armed unit was extremely small , it consisted of getting hold of arms to attempt assassination of individuals.