Published 6 July 2006
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So we, the survivors, after the death of Hitler, at the end of April, we had nothing more to eat and so we asked some of our Czech friends how long we could have left, because we were already very weak, because of the hard work regime that we had been submitted to, and the fact that they didn’t feed us enough, or should I say not at all.

So she said to us "Listen, we have water, so we could have another two weeks, but no more." And after eight days the Americans arrived, and a small colony sent by the Patton army, who were brought by the French prisoners of war, who knew where we were, because the camps were so well hidden in places that were invisible to the population, we were hidden from all the roads, and the troops who came to Germany couldn’t have possibly still thought there were camps there after the war.

We were in the middle of the Soviet and American armies, furthermore, we saw the Soviet officers come close to camp, to talk with the Americans, because straight away they were discussing sending us home.The Americans had taken control of all the people who were returning to the west, that’s to say the French, Belgians, Luxembourgs and Spaniards, while the Soviets took control of the Poles, Ukranians, Russians and also the Greeks who were returning Eastwards