Published 6 July 2006
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Writing articles and sources of information

We now have some matters to explain. So I was in contact with the Philosophy teacher from the High School in Dieppe, of the name Valentin Feldman. We had to write articles to be published.

Both of us had a university training, and especially him. However our first attempts weren’t very successful, in that we wrote very long, logical, well documented articles - which we got wrong. This sort of underground article had to be very short, with big titles so that people could read them without touching them and without carrying them around. Therefore, we changed our method of writing.

Now the problem was, how could we find the information? Firstly we had the English radio to inform us of military operations. Then we looked around us and we saw German forces who came and went everywhere in the country. It was also very important to find witnesses, for example, for the repression which had already started - there had been arrests and shootings by soldiers. The French police also arrested people, so in fact, we denounced the French police because they were helping the Germans.