Published 6 July 2006
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Printing and distribution of Resistance newspapers

So I stayed alone with all the equipment and all the load of newspapers to print, and from time to time I also used to take in people who were being chased, either by French police, or by the Gestapo and who came to ask me for asylum some nights. And as I was a young primary school teacher, and in the countryside everything is visible, I started to get a bad reputation, because when a man arrives at a young lady’s house in the evening and leaves the next morning, it’s rarely well looked upon!

Anyway, I continued printing all this but I wrote the articles myself. I put the pages in the right order and took them to the distributor.

I had a bicycle, and I put the newspapers in the basket and went to take them to the distributor, someone who gave them out along with other people - they put them in letter boxes or even threw them in the street.

So I carried on putting on a brave face until the end of the year, until the month of December. There were some arrests, but given that I was already vigilated as a teacher and then also as someone quite independent let’s say, and they saw me on roads from time to time on a bike going to Dieppe - the police worried about my next move.