Publié : 1er juillet 2005
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His arrest and personal experience

Hello, dear friends. You are here at the headquarters of the survivors of the Auschwitz concentration. Before I begin to talk about what was, and what is deportation, I would like to try and give an overall explanation, as simply as possible, of the extermination camps. You understand ? Good !

Very quickly, from 1933 onwards, Hitler’s troops began to arrive in Europe, and to set up the concentration camps. The first camp that he put in place was set up quite close to Munich, it was called Dachau. It was a camp which was normally used to hold all those who were opposed to the Nazi regime. This concentration camp held, amongst others, important figures of the time, including Thomas Mann, who was a Nobel Prize [winner]. At the same time, a certain number of Jews were arrested and were sent to Dachau. It was a camp against those oppose to the Nazi regime.

At the same time, another concentration camp was being created at Sachsenhausen, in Germany, again for the same aims as Dachau. Then, little by little, the anti-Semitist policies of Germany were being put into practice and began functioning. This was nicknamed “la nuit de Cristal” meaning the night of the crystal. Throughout la nuit de Cristal, 7000 Jewish businesses were ransacked and burnt, and so were almost all the synagogues. They arrested the Jews and often encouraged them to leave Germany as quickly as possible.