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  • Printing and distribution of Resistance newspapers - 6 July 2006
    So I stayed alone with all the equipment and all the load of newspapers to print, and from time to time I also used to take in people who were being chased, either by French police, or by the (...)
  • Work in the factories and life expectancy in Ravensbruck - 6 July 2006
    Therefore, everyone did things according to their religion or what they wanted, and later we were taken on what is called "the march to slavery:" this means that we were gathered up outside and (...)
  • Liberation - 6 July 2006
    So we, the survivors, after the death of Hitler, at the end of April, we had nothing more to eat and so we asked some of our Czech friends how long we could have left, because we were already (...)
  • Writing articles and sources of information - 6 July 2006
    We now have some matters to explain. So I was in contact with the Philosophy teacher from the High School in Dieppe, of the name Valentin Feldman. We had to write articles to be published. (...)
  • punishment in prison - 5 July 2006
    Well, we surprised the authorities of the prison a lot. They certainly expected us to do something on the 11th of November because it was a national celebration, but we didn’t do anything then, (...)